Tips for heating with propane


You can prolong the outdoor terrace season with a propane-powered terrace heater, while also being able to enjoy barbeques and eating outdoors late into the autumn – or even winter!

When you need to quickly heat your summer cabin to a comfortable temperature, what better way than an indoor gas heater?

You have a multitude of options when selecting a gas heater: there are mobile heaters, fixed-installation heaters (with or without a thermostat), catalytic heaters and infrared heaters.

Regardless of your choice of gas heater, you can quickly bring the temperature to a nice level. Burning propane releases water vapor, making indoor air feel more comfortable compared to using electrical heating.


  • Ensure that the heater has the appropriate type of regulator (check this in the device manual) and the appropriate type of gas cylinder.
  • Regularly check the devices and equipment and ensure they are clean.
  • Close the gas cylinder valve when not using your heater.
  • Always store the cylinder in an upright position and away from children.
  • Ensure there is no chance of the cylinder heating or suffering damage.
  • The propane hoses must be suitable for use with propane and be able to withstand cold temperatures down to -30° C. Propane hoses are orange-colored.