Skare water bottle

Skare water bottle is an important accessory of a Skare carbonating machine. The bottle is made of PET plastic and free from harmful materials so it is safe to use. The size of the bottle is 1 litre.

Benefits of Skare water bottle

  • Easy and quick to insert and remove from carbonating machine with one hand
  • Free from bisphenol, phthalates and other harmful materials
  • Produced with high safety standards
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to wash by hand


  • Use Skare PET water bottle only for Skare soda makers.
  • Only carbonate water! If you want to flavor your water, carbonate it first and then add concentrate.
  • Do not wash the bottles in the dishwasher – hot water will affect the durability of the plastic! Wash bottles by hand.
  • The expiration date is marked on the bottle, indicating guaranteed safe use. Do not use an expired bottle but change to a new bottle as the expiration date approaches.


Skare PET water bottle 1 litre chrome bottle
Capacity 1 000 ml
Height 272 mm
Width 92 mm
Depth 92 mm
Weight 219 g
Country of origin China
Compatible with Skare machine

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