AGA water bottles

Water bottle is an important accessory of a carbonating machine. All AGA water bottles are made of PET plastic and are safe to use since they are free from harmful materials.

AGA water bottles fit in all AGA and AQVIA sparkling water machines, and are available in two sizes, 1 litre and 0,5 litre:

  • AGA 1-liter steel water bottle with stainless-steel screw cap and base
  • AGA 1-liter plastic water bottle, available in black and white
  • AGA 0,5-liter plastic water bottle, available in package of two black or two white bottles

Benefits of AGA water bottles

  • Easy and quick to insert and remove from carbonating machine with one hand
  • Free from bisphenol, phthalates and other harmful materials
  • Produced with high safety standards
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to wash by hand
  • AGA water bottle range includes 1-liter steel bottle, 1-liter plastic bottle in white and black and 0,5-liter plastic bottle which is sold in duo pack of black or white bottles.
  • All AGA water bottles have a bayonet fitting, making the bottles easy and quick to insert and remove from the carbonating machine by simply twisting the bottle 1/8 of a turn.
  • All AGA water bottles can be used in all AGA and older AQVIA branded sparkling water machines (but they are NOT compatible with Aarke machines).
  • Bottles are completely free from bisphenol, phthalates and other harmful materials.
  • All bottles undergo thorough quality inspection, including a pressure test.
  • Bottles have a lifespan of approximately 3 years. The expiration date is marked on the bottle, indicating guaranteed safe use – do not use an expired bottle!


  • Only carbonate water! If you want to flavor your water, carbonate it first and then add concentrate.
  • Do not wash the bottles in the dishwasher – hot water will affect the durability of the plastic! Wash bottles by hand.
  • Change to a new bottle as the expiration date approaches. You find the expiration date marked on the bottle.

NOTE: do not use AGA bottles in Aarke machines, nor Aarke bottles in AGA or AQVIA machines – using wrong kind of bottle may damage the machine and be a safety risk!

AGA PET WATER BOTTLES 1 litre steel bottle 1 litre plastic bottle 0,5 litre plastic bottle
Capacity 1 000 ml 1 000 ml 500 ml
Height 270 mm 270 mm 215 mm
Width 90 mm 90 mm 70 mm
Depth 90 mm 90 mm 70 mm
Weight 240 g 165 g 110 g
Country of origin China China China
Compatible with AGA and AQVIA machines AGA and AQVIA machines AGA and AQVIA machines