Firemill is the world’s first quickstinguisher. It is used with a twist and powered by regular CO2 cylinders. This makes Firemill easy to refill and possible to practice with before a real fire occurs. Firemill is a complement to your normal fire extinguisher, designed for a place on the kitchen countertop, where it’s easy to reach in case of emergency.

Firemill Original is made of steel and comes in two colors, Ice (white) and Charcoal (black). This stylish safety product you do not want to hide!

Firemill Original benefits

  • Exclusive design – stylish, exclusive design.
  • High quality, long-lasting product made in steel.
  • Aim and twist – easy to use.
  • Practice – build self-confidence and proficiency.
  • Non-destructive – food-grade carbon dioxide.
  • Easy and inexpensive – cheap and easy to refill.
  • Accessible – put it on display and keep it close to hand.
  • Made in Sweden.

CO2 is unique as an extinguishing agent in that it is completely non-destructive. Food and furniture exposed to it is completely unharmed. You could extinguish the candles on a birthday cake and still eat the cake. CO2 is also effective on most types of fires, including ones involving gas and electrical equipment.

When it comes to fighting fire, the most crucial step in preventing a disaster is the time between noticing the fire and initiating the extinguishing. This is where Firemill can make a difference. To kill a fire with Firemill, all you need to do is twist it, just like a pepper mill. Firemill is designed to complement your regular fire extinguisher and is particularly effective for small fires in the kitchen.

Firemill extinguishers are currently available on Swedish, Danish and Estonian markets.

Height 396 mm
Width 75 mm
Depth 75 mm
Weight (without CO2 cylinder) 740 g
Country of origin Sweden


Use a cylinder or two, to practice with you family. Even older kids can use ut.