AGA Sodamix Original

AGA Sodamix concentrates are a great choice for making sodas for the whole family, saving not only time and money but also the effort of carrying heavy soda bottles to home.

If you want your sodas sweetened with real sugar, then go for AGA Sodamix Original, available in three flavors: Cola, Lemon-Lime and Orange.

Benefits of AGA Sodamix Original:

  • sweetened with real sugar
  • easy and cost-efficient way to make sodas at home
  • you get 4 litres of soda with one bottle of AGA Sodamix
  • the most popular soda flavors available
  • produced in Sweden
  • The AGA Sodamix products are delivered in 500 cl plastic bottles, enough for approx. 4 litres of ready-to-drink beverage.
  • Store the opened bottle in refrigerator and use it within one month.
  • AGA Sodamix concentrates are available on Swedish and Danish markets.
Note: add flavor only after you have carbonated the water, since the drink concentrates may damage the machine!
Concentrate Mixing ratio 1 + 8
Storage/shelf life Once opened, packaging can be kept in the refrigerator for up to one month.
Best before date stamp on the bottle.
  • Cola: Sugar, water, colours E150 d, acidity regulators E338, aroma (incl. caffeine)
  • Lemon-lime: Sugar, water, aroma, citric acid, sodium benzoate
  • Orange: Sugar, water, orange juice (1%), citric acid, stabilizer (E1450, E445), natural orange aroma, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, ascorbic acid, colours (carotene, beta-carotene, E160e)
Country of origin Sweden
Technical data (bottle)
Volume 500 ml – makes up to 4 litres of soda drink
Height 220 mm
Diameter 64 mm
Material Plastic
Weight 700 g