Top Safety Tips for Boating

Store the propane cylinder in an upright position
Make sure that the propane cylinders do not tip over or move.

Install a gas detector and arrange good ventilation
Make sure you have a gas detector in your boat. Place the cylinders away from the cabin in a ventilated space. Heaters and refrigerators must be connected to a closed system, where the combustion air is taken from outside and the exhaust gases are led out.

Check gas equipment safety regularly
Check the tightness of the gas devices and hoses at least once a year.

Clean the burner
The color of the inner part of the propane flame should be blue-green. A yellow flame and ignition problem indicate that the burner must be cleaned / taken for service for adjustment or cleaning.

Use only gas equipment with ignition fuse
The ignition fuse interrupts the gas flow if the flame goes out and prevents propane from leaking.