AGA Propane Leak Finder

AGA Propane Leak Finder

Ensure the safety of your gas equipment

With AGA’s leak finder, you can easily and quickly ensure that your gas equipment is safe to use.
The leak finder quickly and reliably detects any gas leaks – if bubbles form on the surface where the leak finder is sprayed, there is a gas leak.
It is good to check the hoses and connections on propane grills, stoves, refrigerators and outdoor heaters at least once a year, for example, in the spring after winter storage.

Here’s how you use AGA’s leak finder

•    Always shake the canister before use.
•    Thoroughly spray an even coating of the product over the joints, hoses, pipes and seals.
•    If gas is leaking, bubbles will form where there is a leak.
•    Repair any detected leaks before using the equipment.

Also keep in mind:

•    Do not use the leak finder on equipment which is powered on.
•    If you use the product on plastic or copper surfaces, or on oxygen equipment, rinse off any leftover product with water.

Applicable uses
In addition to propane, the AGA leak finder can also be used for natural gas, butane, acetylene, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, compressed air, refrigerants, oxygen, and other gas types. The product is water-based and will not damage equipment surfaces or hoses, or the environment. It will also not damage metals or plastics.

You can find more propane safety tips here!

Attaching the pressure regulator:

Remove the valve cap.

Ensure the pressure regulator switch is in the “closed” position.

Attach the pressure regulator onto the click-on valve cylinder by lifting the fixing collar and by placing the regulator on the cylinder valve.

Push the fixing collar down until you hear a muted “click” sound. You can install the regulator on a screw valve cylinder by twisting the fixing screw counterclockwise.

Flip the pressure regulator switch to the “open” position, and you are ready to use your gas device.