AGA Propane Leak Finder

Propane is a versatile gas!

Propane by AGA is a safe, efficient and environmentally friendly source of energy. Use it to heat up or power the equipment at your summer cottage, boat or motor home, or use it at home with your gas hob or barbecue or to warm up your terrace...

Simply choose an AGA propane cylinder that suits your needs.

See the current range of AGA propane cylinders on the MyAGA page for your country:

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Attaching the pressure regulator:

Remove the valve cap.

Ensure the pressure regulator switch is in the “closed” position.

Attach the pressure regulator onto the click-on valve cylinder by lifting the fixing collar and by placing the regulator on the cylinder valve.

Push the fixing collar down until you hear a muted “click” sound. You can install the regulator on a screw valve cylinder by twisting the fixing screw counterclockwise.

Flip the pressure regulator switch to the “open” position, and you are ready to use your gas device.