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Now you can carbonate sparkling water at home using climate positive ‎CO₂ from AGA. We offset 110% of our emissions by planting trees. As trees grow they capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. In this way, we contribute to a positive climate impact and the product becomes climate positive.


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Where are the trees planted?


Our trees are planted in Nicaragua through a Plan Vivo certified project called “CommuniTree”.

The project not only makes a climate positive impact but has many other benefits:


  • Binds water
  • Prevents landslides and erosion
  • Offers shade for animals and crops
  • Ensures biological diversity
  • Improves the life of local communities
Go and watch the trees grow in Google Earth » Read more about the project called "CommuniTree" »

This is how it works


Our path to create climate positive CO₂ consists of three steps:


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1. we measure 100% of our product emissions:

we include all greenhouse emissions along the supply chain to calculate our carbon footprint.

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2. we reduce our emissions constantly:

based on our analysis, we identify improvements to reduce our impact on the environment.

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We offset our emissions by planting trees, which makes the CO₂ climate positive.

AGA CLIMATE POSITIVE CO₂ — frequently asked questions:

What does CLIMATE POSITIVE CO₂ mean?

AGA’s climate positive CO₂ concept has three main components:


  1. We identify our total environmental footprint

We have engaged both internal and external experts (U&We) in order to identify all the emissions associated with our product’s life-cycle based on the ISO-14021 international standard, spanning raw materials, production, distribution and consumption as well as emissions linked to related activities such as trips made by sales representatives and handling of packaging materials. This has enabled us to identify the product’s total carbon dioxide footprint (carbon dioxide equivalents). In addition, the process and data collection have been verified by an external, independent third party (KPMG).


  1. We strive to reduce our emissions

Based on our analyses, we have identified a number of areas of improvement in order to reduce our emissions. The process of identifying new, smarter solutions and measures in order to further reduce our environmental footprint has been prioritised and is continually in progress.


  1. We offset at least 110% of our emissions

We offset our emissions by planting trees which bind carbon dioxide from the atmosphere while they grow. In order to further reduce our climate impact in the atmosphere we have chosen to compensate an additional 10% in excess of our environmental impact. This means the product is climate positive.


What is meant by OFFSETTING 110% OF OUR EMISSIONS by planting trees?

Trees bind and store carbon dioxide naturally through photosynthesis. This means that what is emitted by our product in the form of carbon dioxide (that is, carbon dioxide equivalents) is absorbed from the atmosphere and bound while the trees planted as part of the Nicaragua CommuniTree project grow. Photosynthesis binds carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, which purifies the air.

Why did you choose the CommuniTree project?

Working alongside the consultancy Zeromission, we have identified suitable projects intended to offset the product’s emissions. We then made the decision to invest in CommuniTree, the certified tree planting project based in Nicaragua, via Plan Vivo. In addition to offsetting emissions, it was important for us to identify a reliable, effective project that creates real value and has a positive climate impact.

The Nicaragua CommuniTree project guarantees the trees are planted in a sustainable way, and as well as having a direct impact on the climate, ensures the biological diversity of different species and methods of cultivation. The trees also bind water, which prevents landslides and provides shade for animals as well as vegetation.


As well as helping the environment, the project also benefits the local community. Local farmers are offered regular payments in return for diligently planted and carefully maintained trees. Just over 700 small-scale farmers are currently involved in the project.

Why did you decide to plant trees in Nicaragua?

There are two main reasons why we chose this project:

  • Firstly, it’s important to invest in tree planting projects that would otherwise not have been carried out (this differs from tree planting in certain Nordic nations, for example, where replanting after felling is a statutory requirement).
  • Secondly, the trees planted around the equator grow more quickly, and since the greatest absorption of carbon dioxide occurs during the growth phase, this benefits the climate more quickly and effectively.

In addition to the positive impact on the climate, we also saw an opportunity to benefit the local community.

Why are you focusing on CLIMATE POSITIVE carbon dioxide?

More and more of us are aware of the problems associated with using disposable plastic, and how this pollutes the world’s oceans and has long-term consequences for animal and plant life, among other effects. It is increasingly well-known that using carbonated water at home means buying far fewer disposable plastic bottles, reduces transportation and saves money.


We wanted to go one step further and steal a march on our competitors by offering the consumer climate-positive carbon dioxide.


Our commitment to the CommuniTree project means we offset more than we emit by planting trees. By offsetting 110% of our emissions by planting trees which bind carbon dioxide from the atmosphere while they grow, we contribute to a positive climate impact. This means the product can be classed as climate positive.

How can you guarantee that CO₂ is CLIMATE POSITIVE?

We can guarantee our carbon dioxide is climate positive through the following:


  • We comply with the world’s only independent standard on climate neutrality – ISO 14021 – and work alongside an independent, experienced advisor, U&We, in order to perform and report our analysis of the product’s environmental footprint.
  • We have commissioned KPMG to carry out an independent study in order to verify our data collection and calculations.
  • Working with the consultancy Zeromission, we have identified suitable products aimed at offsetting the product’s emissions, and have chosen to invest in CommuniTree, the certified tree planting project based in Nicaragua, via Plan Vivo. Offsetting 110% of the product’s emissions ensures it is climate positive.

Our focus areas for reducing our emissions



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Sustainability at AGA

AGA’s history reaches a long way back, being founded over 100 years ago. To honor our history, we feel it’s best to look ahead and thus we want to do even more to draw the path for a sustainable future.


As a member of the world leading industrial gas company Linde, we are globally supporting our customers with high-quality solutions and technologies to help them to sustain and protect our planet. We work continuously to improve our own energy efficiency and use of natural resources.