Carbon dioxide


Carbon dioxide safety tips

Safety is the number one priority for AGA, and all our products are manufactured under strict regulations and quality standards.

Harmless when handled correctly

Carbon dioxide cylinders by AGA meet the standards and requirements for pressurised vessels. When handled correctly, the bottles are practically risk-free. Be aware, however, that carbon dioxide displaces oxygen in the air.

Safety valve

Protects the cylinder from unusual temperature rises. Avoid therefore placing carbonating machines near sources of heat! The safety valve will break if the pressure rises, preventing the cylinder from bursting. This will however allow the carbon dioxide to seep out.

Handle with care

Keep the plastic stopper in place when storing or transporting the cylinder. Carbon dioxide is not toxic, but it should be handled with respect. A leak of carbon dioxide in a small, poorly ventilated area can lead to suffocation.

Never allow children to handle carbon dioxide cylinders