Carbon dioxide


Carbon dioxide

As the owner of a sparkling water maker you will always have fresh, carbonated water at your home as well as delicious beverages to offer your guests. Carbonating your own water saves you from carrying and returning heavy drink bottles, and it also reduces the strain on the environment!

Many AQVIA carbonating machines come supplied with a 425 g AGA carbon dioxide cylinder. One CO2 cylinder will make approximately 60 litres of carbonated water depending on how sparkling you like it.

AGA CO2 fits all carbonating machines

AGA carbon dioxide cylinders are suitable for all carbonating and soda water machines on the market: AQVIA, Aarke, Happy, WasserMaxx, SodaStream, Soda-Club and Soda-Fresh. They can also be used with the Electrolux Source, Asko Homepub and AEG Aqua Fizz refrigerators.